Happy Embroidery Machine 12 head 8 needle $3,800.00$3,800(Hilliard, OH)

Sold in 1996 by TEXMAC. The machine was well cared for and run in a sporting goods store until 2008. I acquired the machine in 2008 and did a 100% refurbishment. There are 11 of the 12 heads in perfect working order - the 12th head was used for a part that is available and cheap - we just never called back the tech to finish it up. I will be happy to provide you the name/number of the technician who performed the refurbishment as he is reputable in the industry. We ran the machine periodically for these past years - 2 orders per week average - at the most we have run another 5,000 pieces on the machine since ownership. This is the perfect machine at the perfect price to test out the next level of contract embroidery. We were just running a 4 head when I bought it and the capacity this machine provided was really critical in helping us build up more clients and 'test' out whether we wanted to buy something new or more updated. The next home for this machine will be the same - Definitely needs to go to someone with working knowledge of equipment and is almost ready to make a step up in equipment. It is a perfect transitional machine and it will hold value. The sale includes the machine, two dozen 15 size hoops, cap frames and drivers, 2 sets of large square hoops, a handful of smaller 12 size hoops. Buyer will arrange the pick up in Columbus Ohio and bring Cash or Cert. Check. PM me for buying information or post if there is relevant info I missed. Thanks http://i52.tinypic.com/2uswrc8.jpg